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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)


Question: I would like to order from your e-shop, but I do not have a credit card. Can I?

Answer: Certainly. Apart from credit and debit cards, you may also pay using PayPal or upon delivery (see more here).


Question: The item I have ordered is not of high value and I live in… (e.g. Evros). Will I have to pay transportation costs?

Answer: No. No matter the cost of the item you have purchased, delivery all throughout Greece is free (see more here).


Question: I would like to order gifts for my friends and have them delivered straight to them. Is that possible?

Answer: Of course, as long as you state their addresses and telephone numbers when you place your order.


Question: I have just received the jewel I ordered but something has come up and I would like to return it in exchange for another item or cash (one of the two, I have not decided yet).

Answer: You have 1 month to decide whether you wish to exchange it for another item or receive your money back. You will not be burdened with any extra cost (see more here).


Question: I have bought a pair of Facad'oro wedding rings from a store near my house and I would like to polish them, as we have been wearing them on a daily basis, but cannot do so on my own. What can I do?

Answer: You may contact any FaCad'oro boutique and have your wedding rings polished free of charge.(search here for the nearest FaCad'oro boutique)


Question: A few years ago, I bought a piece of jewelry from the FaCad'oro Exclusive Collections, with diamonds. I would like to know its current value and also ask a few questions concerning diamonds. How can this be done?

Answer: Please contact us at 210-9607315-6, so that you may book an appointment with one of our experts.

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