Cross CR-000770a

Available now (in Κ14 and yellow-white color)

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Cross in 14K/18K, in yellow and white gold or white and yellow.

Dimensions: width 17.24mm x height 30.51mm

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Boy / Girl:
  • Boy
  • Gold - White
  • Λευκό-Χρυσό
  • Crosses 14k

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Περιγραφή καδένας

CH-140001G - Chain in 14k yellow gold, 45cm length.
CH-140001W - Chain in 14k white gold , 45cm length.
CH-140001P - Chain in 14k pink gold , 45cm length.
CH-140002P - Chain in 14k pink gold , 45cm length.
CH-140002W - Chain in 14k white gold , 45cm length,
CH-140002G - Chain in 14k yellow gold , 45cm length.
CH-180002W - Chain in 18k white gold , 45cm length.
CH-180002P - Chain in 18k pink gold , 45cm length.
CH-180002G - Chain in 18k yellow gold , 45cm length.

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